Edmond Beautiful Suggested Plantings for U.S. Senior Open July 7-13, 2014

April 22nd, 2014

The U.S.Senior Open will be held at Oak Tree Country Club, Edmond OK 73025 July 7-13, 2014.
This event will be covered worldwide by multiple media outlets.

Edmond Beautiful http://edmondbeautiful.org/ would like to showcase Edmond in the best way possible.
Please consider planting the following plants at your home and or your business to help show the world the beauty of Edmond!
Peach Impatiens, Peach Lantana, Peach Zinnias, Blue Periwinkle, Blue Impatiens, Blue Daze and Plumbago

Surefire Home Staging Tips

June 20th, 2013

In 18 years in Oklahoma real estate, I have guided countless home sellers through the ins and outs of selling a home, and that includes preparing the house for the market.
I always tell sellers that we’re creating a vision for the next buyer. We’re doing things to help them visualize what their life would be like living there.
Three main items: Location, price and condition will make the difference in a sale. While you can’t change the location, you control the price and the condition.
The following tips will help sellers put their home’s best foot forward.
1. A good first impression: Your front door is your home’s handshake. Polish hardware and touch up the paint, or better yet, add a fresh coat. Clean all debris away from the door including cobwebs and bugs. Wash the windows.
2. Cut down on clutter: Buyer’s want space. Cut out the clutter so your home won’t feel crowded. Put away trinkets and other items that take up space on countertops and shelves. Consider removing a desk, dresser or extra chair to make the room feel bigger. Remove bathroom rugs, unless they are designer rugs.
3. Don’t hide in the closet: Potential buyers often look in closets and cabinets, so they need to be organized and clean too. Closets and cabinets that are stuffed full will seem smaller. Organize shoes in plastic boxes. Box up that extra set of dishes.
4. Clean, clean, clean: A home’s cleanliness reflects on the house as a whole. Home sellers should vacuum, dust, scrub and polish. Change out the HVAC filters and vacuum the air vents. Change the sheets on the beds and buy new pillows for a fresh smell. A clean house will sell. A dirty house will sit on the market.
5. Think about upgrades: From new paint to granite countertops, your Realtor can suggest economical upgrades to give you the most return for your dollar. An updated look can make a big impact often resulting in a faster sale and a higher sale price.
6. Curb appeal: Trim the shrubs, mulch the flowerbeds, edge the lawn, put away the children’s toys and clean up after the dog. Don’t forget to clean up the backyard and patio, too.